No Modesty

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Our office has found that artists coming from European and Asian countries tend to come from a culture that prizes modesty, and in fact, boasting about your accomplishments is frowned upon. Sometimes, even in British culture, it is more fashionable to brag about ones failures rather than one’s accomplishments! This can make the O-1 application process very uncomfortable and embarrassing for anyone who comes from that kind of culture.

However, in order to succeed at the O-1 application process, you are going to have to cast modesty aside and tell your attorney about all your accomplishments. If you organized a meeting that was attended by the President of Brazil, let us know! If you edited an anthology of emerging Canadian authors and one of those authors went on to win a Pulitzer, tell us! If you were chosen out of hundreds of applicants for an artist’s residency, put that on your resume. If you have styled supermodels for major red carpet events, write about it.

While we understand how awkward you might feel singing your own praises, it is absolutely necessary for this process.

Remember: your attorney can help you develop your resume and portfolio to highlight and promote your best achievements.

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