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In the spotlight

We are discovering that USCIS likes to see press with your name on it, crediting you for your leading role be it as a book author, editor, theater director, artist, principal dancer, drummer, music producer, and so forth. Whether you are on your OPT or on the last year of your H-1B, try to drum up press and get credit for your accomplishments. This could mean having your book reviewed on a prestigious website, being interviewed for a popular podcast, having your play reviewed in the local newspaper or being profiled in a newspaper in your home country.

It also means you can’t be shy or modest. It does mean you have to engage in self-promotion. We’ve included several articles we think you may find helpful for an artist seeking to promote their work:

Ways to promote your artwork offline.

10 more ways an artist can market their brand

Self promotion is not a dirty word 11 ways to market yourself