Success with Green Cards and Visas

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L-1A Approval

We are happy to announce that we recently won an L-1B Approval for a Functional Manager who works for our corporate client, Lakeland Industries, Inc. Functional Manager cases are difficult as they tend not to be supervising any employees which is a standard requirement for the L-1A classification. However, we were able to show that the Functional Manager would in fact continue to supervise employees overseas as well as managing critical functions for the US operation.

EB-1A Approval

We also had an Extraordinary Ability Green Card case approved in about five (5) days for Embroidery Designer, Nadia Albertini, who specializes in embroidery and embellishment design for fashion label, Tory Burch. Although she had little press, we succeeded in documenting the rarity of embroidery and embellishment designers of this caliber in the fashion industry today and her excellent track record. This was supplemented by a very detailed portfolio. This case was a self-petition, which is a special feature of the Extraordinary Ability Green Card classification, where the applicant does not need an employer to sponsor her.



E-2 Approvals

Our Australian client received an E-2 Investor Visa as a Manager/Executive with a relatively small investment in a restaurant-pub in Mississippi.

We continue to successfully obtain E-2 Approvals in the Specialist category for our longtime corporate client, Talan LLC.

O-1 Architectural Designer Approvals

We had two recent architecture approvals, including one for Chinese architectural designer, Dichen Ding (Read about it here). We have been successfully obtaining O-1 visas for architects and architectural designers for 15 years, both with respect to full-time employment and agent cases, starting with iconic Korean architect, Soo-in Yang.

The “agent” cases are highly prized as they allow the artist or designer to undertake work for multiple employers, thus giving them a large measure of artistic freedom. The agent clause is a complex part of the O-1 regulation and an area in which our office specializes. Many of our O-1 cases for designers, artists, and even entrepreneurs and financial experts, are set up this way. Such cases must contain a detailed itinerary or schedule.

Other O-1 Approvals in September-October 2015

We were honored and excited to obtain a first-time three year O-1 approval as an agent case for the acclaimed Japanese writer and blogger, Ryoko Iwata, whose popular blog, I Love Coffee has led to the publication of her recent book, Coffee Gives Me Superpowers (Andrews McMeel, April 2015).

Another agent case that was approved was an O-1 extension for British hip-hop dancer, Ashleigh Wadforth-Frost, who has been contracted to dance with Mariah Carey.