Good News for 2016

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We have been delighted with some of our recent approvals. We recently had an O-1 approval for Taiwanese poet, writer, editor and translator, Chia-Lun Chang (see below for her testimonial). This was Ms. Chang’s first O-1, and she had an agent petitioner, and was doing a change of status from F-1/ OPT. Her O-1 application was approved within two months with no RFE. We also had approvals for French fashion photographer Remi Lamande (O-1 renewal); Italian hip-hop dancers Alessandra Mai Vinh and Dolores Parisi (O-1 renewal); and Mexican-Japanese multidisciplinary artist, Alejandro Yoshii. We also had a very quick approval within ten days for an Extraordinary Ability Green Card application (EB-1) for a Canadian drag artist, who sponsored himself (self-petition). Applicants for immigrant visas in the Extraordinary Ability and National Interest Waiver categories do not require sponsors or employers.

Adjudication of O-1 applications is continuing to take around two to three months at the Vermont Service Center, depending on the complexity of the application.

We are continuing to advise clients of the risks involved in doing change of status in certain situations where the client is in visitor or student status. In some instances, the case is approved more quickly and smoothly if the O-1 petitions are submitted when they are outside the US.

The E-3 visa regulations have been amended to allow E-3 employers to file for extension of stay while the E-3 visa continues to work in the United States. Employment is authorized for up to 240 days while the extension is pending as long as the extension was timely filed. This brings the E-3 regulations in line with the H-1B regulations.

As the H-1B filing deadline approaches, we wish to remind clients that it is possible to simultaneously apply for the H-1B and the O-1 visa. Many designers and architects who are not selected in the H-1B lottery apply for the O-1 as an alternative. However, it is possible to prepare the O-1 in advance instead of waiting for the H-1B results. Our office has many years of experience in both H-1B and O-1 visas for architectural designers, landscape architects, interior architects and related professions.


Chia-Lun Chang

Jane was recommended to me through a friend who also had her O-1 approved. From the beginning, Jane was realistic with me about the possibility of having an O-1 visa approved, especially since I had just graduated and was on my OPT, but she also offered creative ideas that were specific to my vocation so I could build my portfolio and evidence to make a compelling case. Working on my O-1 was not just an opportunity to be awarded a US visa, it also gave me the opportunity to build on my portfolio and contacts, and Jane’s office gave me the resources to do that. Her office worked very hard on my case, communicating and checking in with me on a regular basis. By the time my case was submitted, I felt much more confident about my achievements as a poet and at my chances of having the case approved.

My case was approved the first time around within two months and I feel I owe that to Jane for her careful, thorough, and creative planning in submitting my O-1 application.