July 2016 Updates

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Processing time for the O-1 at the Vermont Service Center continues to be fairly slow, with approvals taking 8-10 weeks.   Marriage-based cases are taking around 5 months till the interview date at the New York District Office while the I-751 Applications to Remove Conditional Residence are taking around 8-9 months.

Recent O-1 approvals include four photographers—a news photographer (Australia), two fashion photographers (UK, France), and a fine art photographer (Japan), as well an interior architect (Japan), architectural designer (Korea), two hip-hop dancers (Canada, Italy), an Australian musical theater performer, a ballet dancer (Greece), and three Japanese nationals, including a DJ/music producer, hair stylist, Shin Sato, and graphic designer, Sho Shibuya. Most of these are agent cases where the artist is self-employed. These cases are scrutinized quite closely by the Immigration Service.

Our PERM labor certification for a Japanese CEO for a fashion and lifestyle boutique in New York was approved in less than four months, as was our labor certification for the New York-based Korean tattoo artist, Cheo Reom Park.  Please read about Cheo Park here. http://asanyc.org/artists/cheo-reom-park-2/

Finally, in June, our Extraordinary Ability Green Card case (self-petition) for Australian creative director Matthew Ryan was approved in 7 (seven) days with the Premium Processing service.

In other news, nationals of Israel can now enter China as visitors without obtaining visas. Israel is the only third country, after the USA and Canada, to be afforded this privilege.


matthew-ryanMr. Ryan writes about his experience with Jane Orgel, Esq. below:

“Jane was instrumental in the quick and efficient approval of my EB-1A. She was meticulous and honest in analyzing my case, pointed out missing materials, and was extremely helpful in helping me gather whatever was missing. Once she had all my materials in hand, Jane was able to turn around my case swiftly, and at the same time, make a strong argument for the approval of my case which came within a week of filing. I am very grateful to Jane for her proficiency.”



sho shibuyaMr. Sho Shibuya is a Japanese graphic designer. He graduated from the Aoyama Design School in Tokyo, Japan, and spent five years working as a graphic designer in Tokyo before moving to New York in 2011. Most recently, he has been working for the Javas Lehn Studio, creating designs for eminent companies and artistic individuals.

“I am very grateful to Jane for her help. Her office only had a very short amount of time to prepare my case, and Jane answered all my questions promptly, even at night. My case was an agent case which is more complex. It was approved in May 2016 and I am thrilled to say I just got my three year visa stamp. Many thanks to Jane!”



Mr. Shin Sato is a Japanese hairstylist with more than 25 years of experience in the field. He writes:

“Jane was extremely efficient in helping me achieve a renewal of my O-1. She understood my profession and what makes Japanese hairstyling and my particular skills so unique. She was very clear about what materials I needed to gather and how to make the application a success. I strongly recommend her office!”