Spring 2016 Update

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In 2015, we filed a total of 68 O-1 visa applications, and all of them were approved. Only 11 received a Request For Evidence (“RFE”), which is a very small percentage. Many of our cases went straight through, even the more challenging ones, such as first time F-1 Student applicants on their Optional Practical Training (“OPT”). None of our cases were denied. You can see the full list on the O-1 visa section of our website.

Many applicants have been coming to us from other lawyers because their O-1 visas have been denied. Whilst we do an initial email consultation at no charge, we do charge a consultation fee for a full, comprehensive Skype or office meeting with the client  because we believe it’s important to review your materials carefully and analyze the case in depth so we can give an honest opinion on the chances of whether or not we can successfully re-file the case.

The same policy applies to all potential clients. We believe that a comprehensive review of your resume and all your documents reaps HUGE dividends. Before the consultation, we will instruct you as to what documents to provide. With the applicant-client, we brainstorm, make suggestions, get information and together, we come up with the best strategy for your case. Often, the applicants do not realize how much more material and information they can obtain in support of their case. Is a consultation fee expensive? Not really, when you compare the value you get and contrast it to the value of a superficial free “consultation” which results in the denial of your case or, at best, a lengthy and complex RFE.

In other news, we are delighted to announce the approval of two first-time O-1 applicants, both of whom did a change of status from F-1/OPT to O-1. Please read about Jaena Kwon and Alejandro Yoshii Kasuga.


Japanese-Mexican multidisciplinary artist, Alejandro Yoshii Kasuga, obtained his O-1 visa in February 2016 through a change of status from F-1 to O-1. Alejandro writes:

Alejandro Yoshii Kasuga“I am very grateful to Jane and her great team because, through their experience and diligent work, I obtained my O-1 visa. The process of preparing the application for the visa was very stressful. I had very little time and many things to gather but since the beginning Jane was very clear about what I needed to gather, she guided me through the process, responding to my e-mails very quickly and precisely.”

“Estoy muy agradecido con Jane y su gran equipo porque con su experiencia y eficaz forma de trabajar pude obtener mi visa O-1.

Fue muy estresante el proceso para preparar la aplicación de mi visa. Tenía muy poco tiempo y muchas cosas que recolectar, pero desde un inicio Jane siempre fue muy clara en las cosas que necesitaba, ella me guió durante todo el proceso respondiendo a mis correos electrónicos de manera rápida y precisa.

Realmente aprecio el profesionalismo y arduo trabajo de Jane, Kimiko y todo su equipo que trabaja en la firma. Muchas gracias.”


Jaena Kwon’s O-1 visa was approved in January 2016. Jaena had been on OPT and changed her status from the F-1 Student visa to the O-1. Jaena is a Fine Artist and Conservator from Korea who had many small exhibitions and pieces of evidence. Her letters had to be carefully drafted and the support letter drafted by our office to present her case had to be detailed and convincing. Here are Jaena’s comments:jane-kwon

“One of my friends who also got her O-1visa recommended Jane. She said that Jane would help me prepare the papers in detail. Since it was my first time preparing an O-1 application, I needed good guidance and Jane was always available and promptly answered my questions. She gave me instructions on how to proceed step by step.  All the materials Jane prepared for me were not only professional but they were also based in a good understanding of art. The best part was her letter which organized my materials in  very clear and persuasive way. After seeing the finalized package and her letter before the submission, I could tell that I am going to get the visa. And I did. She cared about details of work and made me well prepared. It was pleasant experience working with Jane.”

“O-1비자를 먼저 받은 친구가 추천을 해줘서 제인과 일하게 되었습니다. 제인이 자료를 디테일하게 준비해줄거라며 추천해줬고, 케이스 진행을 했습니다. O-1준비를 처음 해보는 것이라 제대로된 방향제시가 필요했는데, 제인은 항상 답변을 신속히 해주면서 한단계 한단계 진행을 해나가도록 도움을 주었습니다. 제인이 준비해준 자료들은 미술적인 지식에 기반해 있었기에 신뢰가 갔고 가장 마음에 들었던 부분은 편지였는데, 제 자료들을 명확하고 설득력있게 정리를 해놓았습니다. 정부에 제출을 하기전에 편지와 제 자료들을 보자 비자를 받을수 있겠다는 생각이 들었고 실제로 문제없이 받을수 있었습니다. 제인은 일의 디테일까지 꼼꼼히 신경쓰며 제가 잘 준비가 되게끔 도와주었고, 케이스를 제인과 진행한 것은 좋은 경험이었습니다.”