Trends at USCIS for O-1 Applicants

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Over the last year, our office has been noticing trends at USCIS that has increased the difficulty of having an O-1 artist visa approved. While this has presented challenges for our office and for our talented and emerging artists, with a little hard work we are finding creative solutions to some of these issues. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting entries with tips to help bolster the success of your O-1 application.

We still strongly advise that you come into your office for a consultation with our attorney, Jane Orgel, as she can give you advice pertaining to your individual case and can give you specific advice on any immigration issues that might be relevant to you. Try to come into the office as early as you can. The O-1 application process requires a great amount of work for both you and our office, and can take 3 – 9 months to prepare.

Bear in mind, if you have not won a major award like a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize, we need for you to be approved for three out of these six categories for an O-1:

  • Lead in production having a distinguished reputation.
  • Critical reviews in major newspapers or trade journals.
  • Lead for organization that has a distinguished reputation.
  • Record of major commercial or critically acclaimed successes.
  • Significant recognition from organizations, critics, government agencies or other recognized experts in the field (those are your expert testimonial letters).
  • A high salary or other substantial remuneration for services in relation to others in the field.