February 2018 Updates

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We would like to start by reminding clients that their work often appears online and consulates invariably Google your name when you apply for visas. Sometimes, they might see you have been working in the US without authorization, a particular problem for high-profile photographers, make-up artists, and others who receive credits online for their work. Please be careful about your online presence.

Currently, immigrants who stay in language and computer schools on student visas are having difficulty transitioning to work visas like O-1s, both for change of status and consular processing. These schools are now being closely monitored by Homeland Security.Happy young engineer looking at camera in office

Now, let’s hear the good news. We received straight O-1 approvals for a Product Manager and a Software Engineer, both nationals of Lebanon who will be working for an ecommerce company.  Their cases were approved in 7-10 days. Other approvals include three-year O-1 renewals for a Japanese illustrator and a Japanese photographer. Japanese graphic designer, Rumi Naito, received her first O-1 after doing a change of status from J-1.  Japanese Visual Producer Naoko Harada received a three year O-1 approval through our office. Chinese architectural designerphotographer, Beidi Zhan, who holds a master’s degree from Columbia University, received his O-1 in two weeks with standard processing. We are now doing more cases for UX, Interaction, and Interaction Designers, as well as Product Designers, Consultants, and researchers.

Bhargavi Kamashivalli, an Interaction Designer from India had her O-1 visa approved with regular processing. Her case was received on November 1, 2017 and was approved on November 13, 2017. She works for a New York branding agency and holds degrees in Electronic Media and Innovation & Creativity in Industry.

Indian illustrator, animator and painter, Raman Bhardwaj, received his O-1 visa in January 2018. Mr. Bhardwaj has many years of experience in the field in India. See his work at www.artistraman.com.

This is what Raman says about his experience with our office:

I am an award- winning artist and was working as a freelancer in India. At a point I felt the need to reach for better work opportunities and push my career further and I realised it could only happen if I work in US. I had a few regular clients in US and I wanted to go over there as an independent artist. A friend suggested me to look into O1. I read about O1 and sitting in India, it seemed unattainable even with my awards and lot oDepositphotos_5591219_l-2015f published work and news reviews under my belt. I knew I needed someone professional to represent. googled and found Jane Orgel PC . I found them to be the most convincing law firm to represent my case since their track record of successful petitions was simply great. I was assured I was in good hands. Jane reviewed my profile and she had positive vibes.  Over a couple of months she along with her team worked meticulously in guiding me in arranging all the vital documents required. Jane Orgel PC covered everything that was required to build up a solid petition. They asked me to gather particular material. They found me my agent/petitioner too and procured authentic support letters with extensive research on all the facts.  It is a lot of paper work to be done in filing an O1 petition and one can easily get intimidated and confused. Jane and her team helped me whenever I had any confusion. They worked hard and were discerning, so nothing is missed and my petition was approved smoothly without a hitch. I can’t imagine this happening without Jane’s help and support.

Munjer Hashim, an Architectural Designer from Bangladesh, filed an agent case as an independent contractor and received a harsh and illogical Request for Evidence, which our office overcame. Mr. Hashim was a student on OPT. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Houston. His O-1 agent case was filed in October 2017 and approved in January 2018.  Mr. Hashim writes:

“Immigration in general is a very stressful obstacle that many people have to navigate. The need for a confident and caring immigration lawyer is crucial in making this journey a success. Many lawyers turn away cases just because they do not see the potential or fear the challenge.

Jane does not back down from a challenge. l

When I first met with her, she seemed excited and eager to get me my first O-1. She was able to see through the difficulties and provided catered solutions on how to improve the chances of success. During the initial meeting we strategized together like a team, this was extremely important to me as it put my mind at ease, it made me realize that I did not have to deal with this behemoth of an obstacle alone. She understood that my accomplishments and background can indeed lead to a successful visa despite being a complicated case. She provided care and straightforward advice throughout the process. Jane was extremely involved from the beginning to the end, answering a plethora of my questions quickly and professionally. She is honest and direct, which makes the process much more fluid. Her care and attention to detail made the process that much more rewarding. 

After a long and difficult process, I received my first agent- based O-1 visa. Without the dedication and continued support of Jane and her team this would not have been possible. Now I can continue to pursue my dreams thanks to Jane and her team!”