April 2019 Updates

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O-1 Visa Processing

Processing times for all visa applications are experiencing substantial delays hence more people are opting to use the expedite Premium Processing service, where a response is guaranteed in 15 days.

Despite the delays, we recently had an O-1A approved in three weeks using standard processing for Researcher/Consultant, Dr. Savita Bailur. The case was filed in March and approval on April 1, 2019. This was an agent case as Dr. Bailur will be consulting for various entities inside and outside the United States, as well as lecturing and publishing. Dr. Bailur, who received a PhD in Management Information Systems from the London School of Economics, writes:

Dr. Savita Bailur

‘Jane was referred to us by my sister-in-law who had got her EB1 through Jane. My sister-in-law and her husband had said “she will tell you straight away if she thinks you are not eligible for an O1 – but if she takes it on, she has an extremely high success rate”. This proved to be excellent advice which kept us going in the tough months of collating all the evidence for the stringent requirements of the O1.  It was a long process of getting all the documents together but once filed, it was approved within 4 weeks. Jane and her entire team were excellent and responsive throughout and I also appreciated that they did not add on extra hidden fees.’

A three year O-1 extension (agent case) was successfully obtained for British hip-hop dancer and teaching artist, Ianthe Mellors. Ianthe received her O-1 Approval in March 2019. She writes:

Ianthe Mellors

“Jane and her team were incredible. It is no wonder they have such a high success rate. They are really thorough and made sure I knew everything I needed to do in order to prepare my portfolio. They also made the entire process as stress-free as possible by printing it and organising it for me. Once my application had been submitted they were great at communicating the process and advising me on next steps. Jane’s office has handled two successful O1 performance visa applications for me. I really can’t recommend them enough.

I had a lot of initial consultations with lawyers before deciding to work with Jane and her office. They were so thorough and clear when evaluating my case. It was obvious they cared about my case and would really champion me.”

We also just obtained three year O-1 and O-2 visas for Brazilian wedding photographer, Juliana Pessoa and her studio manager/photographer, Felipe Da Silva Lannes. Ms. Pessoa will work on a self-employed basis through one of our agents.

We also received a three year O-1B approval for Japanese composer, Mikiko Miyakawa, who had received a Request for Evidence (“RFE”) based upon her initial filing of an agent case where the Immigration Service questioned whether she had been and would be performing in a leading role.

Renowned Japanese songwriter and musician Masaaki Yoshida also received a three year O-1 visa filed through an agent. The advantage of filing through an agent is that the applicant can undertake assignments for different entities under the “umbrella” of a US agent.

A three year 0-1B extension was successfully obtained for Japanese DJ, Toshitaka Yamada, professionally known as DJ Toshi

Finally, we obtained a three year O-1 renewal and change of employer for Japanese creative consultant Keiko Anzai, who works for a leading accessories boutique-cum-art gallery in New York City.

H-1B Processing

The lottery selection is now in full swing and all the applicants selected should be notified by the end of May. We recommend that those selected in the lottery ensure that their online profiles on social media and other sites match the contents of the H-1B applications. For non-cap cases, we successfully obtained an H-1B visa for an Indian national to serve as Director of Business Development for our corporate client in California.

E-2 Visa Processing 

We successfully registered our client O-planning at the US Consulate in Tokyo and obtained the company’s first E-2 Visa in Tokyo for their future Business Development Director, Junko Mizuno. O-planning is a branding agency with offices in New York and Tokyo. The visa was issued within 8 weeks of receipt of the application by the Consulate and the passport was returned with the visa stamp within two weeks from time of interview.

Green Cards/Labor Certification (PERM)

Many PERM applications are being approved within just a few months. We received approvals for our corporate clients for a Korean architectural designer based in Nevada and two Indian engineers (Mechanical and Industrial) based in New York City. The Korean architectural designer is on an O-1 visa obtained for her through this office. The Indian engineers are on H-1B visas obtained through our office. All held US master’s degrees.

National Interest Waiver Green Cards

We continue to successfully process National Interest Waiver applications for designers, artists and others with successful track records in their fields. Many of our clients have already attended the adjustment interviews at the local district offices in New York and received their Green Cards. Although our clients are mostly self-employed, this has been explained to the adjudicators who have been satisfied with the evidence provided by our clients, who have followed the instructions and guidelines provided by our office.


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