I Media Visa

This visa is available to those working in the media, including representatives of foreign press, radio, film or other foreign information media. Reporters, film crews, video editors, and photojournalists are all eligible for this category. However, only those involved in the production or distribution of informational or educational film or videos are included in this category. Those involved in entertainment-oriented materials must find another visa category, such as the O or H-1B visa.

The I visa can be issued to employees of foreign information media who are working on news stories or documentaries, and to employees of independent production companies, where the employee is a member of a professional press or media association. Freelance journalists may obtain I visas if they have a contract from a media organization. Representatives of tourist offices that are controlled or subsidized by a foreign government may also apply for this visa. Similarly, those disseminating technical or industrial information for foreign organizations with offices in the United States are eligible for an I visa. It is possible to change status in the United States to an I Media classification or to go to a US Consulate.

Spouses and children of the primary visa holder may also receive I classification.

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