Beatriz de Uña Bóveda

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Beatriz de Uña Bóveda is a Spanish architectural designer who was training in New York on a J-1 visa. Her O1 application was submitted on 7/14/2021 and it was approved on 8/12/2021 with standard processing. Beatriz describes her experience with us:  

“It was extremely surprising how fast my O1 visa petition was approved, in less than a month! This is all thanks to Jane and Rongrong and their outstanding work.  

The O1 visa application is extremely demanding and at the beginning I felt so unsure about having any chance of success. Jane believed in my case from the start and turned it into a successful one.   

The process was not a breeze but it went smoothly. I asked a lot of questions and every single one of them was promptly, carefully and tailored answered every time.  

I can’t recommend enough working with Jane and her team. They are incredibly professional and competent, responsive and attentive to the smallest detail. You can trust them all the way, they are here to help you go through this (and make you work, nothing comes easy!)They were literally a lifesaver in my case. Jane and her team will always be my immigration lawyers from now on, and I hope yours too!”