Despo Thoma

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Urban Designer

O-1 for extraordinary ability

“During the very stressful and nerve wracking period of an immigration process, I’m glad I’ve turn to Jane Orgel’s law firm – a firm with an outstanding track record and duty of care towards its clients – where I found the honesty and guidance I needed to understand and file a successful petition for an O-1 visa. I hired Jane Orgel to obtain my first O-1 visa this year, and the service, attention and guidance I received was fantastic. Jane and her team conducted my case with the upmost professionalism, detail and really understood what was required in order for me to receive O-1 status. Jane was always there to answer any questions I might had, explain the initially confusing processes, and indicate critical areas that I had to work on in order to compile a strong case. I trusted that Jane would answer my emails immediately and that her team would pay attention to every detail of my case. The process was smooth sailing, I was guided every step of the way, and felt like I was working with a lawyer who sincerely cared about me and my case. Inevitably, the work of Jane and her team led to a successful result, obtaining my O-1 status without an RFE!”

Cypriot urban designer, Despo Thoma, received her O-1 approval in July 2017. Her case was approved in two weeks using regular processing.