Shaojun Nie

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H-1B visa

Chinese Market Research Analyst Shaojun Nie obtained her H-1B visa in September 2019. We prepared her initial petition as well as a response to RFE. She writes: 

“Jane was the attorney assisting on everything to obtain my H1B. I have to say that she is so smart, professional and diligent. 

My major is marketing, and as everyone knows that it’s really not easy to get H1B approval for this major student. But we did it! She guided me through whole processes, and she always knew how to turn it around when we had to face hurdles. she just squared all things away so effectively & efficiently. 

I am very grateful to Jane for her amazing proficiency!!!” 


HB申请过程中,Jane帮我推进了所有事情。 我不得不说她是如此的聪慧,专业以及勤勉。