EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card

No labor certification or job offer is required for an Extraordinary Ability Green Card. Applicants must qualify on the basis of their abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, and must intend to continue working in their field. “Extraordinary Ability” is defined as having reached the top of one’s field of endeavor.

Evidence must be presented of either:

(a) “sustained or international acclaim,” and that the applicant’s achievements have been recognized in his or her field of expertise (e.g. major international award); or

(b) that three of the following apply in the applicant’s case:

  1. Receipt of lesser nationally or internationally recognized awards.
  2. Membership in association in the field for which classification is sought, which requires outstanding achievement of their members, as judged by recognized national or international experts.
  3. Published material about applicant in professional or major trade publications or other major media.
  4. Participation as a judge of the work of others.
  5. Evidence of original scientific, scholastic, artistic, athletic or business-related contributions of major significance.
  6. Authorship of scholarly articles in the field.
  7. Artistic exhibitions.
  8. Performance in a leading or cultural role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation.
  9. High salary or remuneration in relation to others in the field.
  10. Commercial success in the performing arts.

(c) comparable evidence.

The attached table shows the EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card (self-petition) cases filed by Jane Orgel PC in 2015 and to date. All were approved without an RFE.

EB-1 Cases Approved 2017
CountryTypeDate FiledDate Case ApprovedRFE?PP?
SpainFilm Writer and Director1/17/20171/20/2017NoYes
CanadaOpera Singer8/4/20162/22/2017NoNo
AustraliaInstallation Artist5/16/20175/25/2017NoYes
JapanMusic Composer07/24/201707/28/2017NoYes
KoreaDesign Director11/18/201610/10/2017NoNo
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