2021 Overview

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Nearly 100 cases O-1 Cases were filed in 2021 and 99% of cases were approved outright without a Request for Evidence (“RFE”). 

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We continue to successfully process Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement (O-1) cases. Nearly 100 O-1 cases were filed in 2021 and 99% were approved without a Request for Evidence (RFE).  Among our numerous O-1 approvals are a Product Designer from Japan, a Chief Technological Officer from Lebanon, a Painter from China, a Jazz Guitarist from Taiwan, a Pianist from Japan, an Art Director from Korea, a Drummer from Japan, a Motion Graphic Designer from Korea, a Dancer from Russia, a Fitness Content Creator from Australia, an Architectural Designer from Bangladesh, a Jazz Bassist from Brazil, a Sound Engineer from Canada, a Multidisciplinary Artist from Argentina, a Journalist from India, a Graphic Designer from Syria, and a Photographer from the United Kingdom.

  • In January 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Heng Hung Su, a Graphic Designer from Taiwan who received his Associate of Applied Arts with Honors from The Art Institute of Seattle and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology – State University of New York. He writes:

“Thanks to Jane and Rongrong’s hard work, my case was approved in less than a month without expediting. I follow their guideline step by step to prepare for the documents. The whole process was very smooth. I am working with a prestige architecture firm in Seattle now. Thank you again! I would highly recommend Jane’s services to others.”


  • In August 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for a Japanese Textile Artist, Terumi Saito. Ms. Terumi Saito recently received an MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design in New York. She writes:

“Being that this was my first time applying for an O1 visa, I had no real knowledge on where to get started. On top of that, as a textile artist, the field isn’t really understood by most people. I was already running into a lot of obstacles. However, Jane and her associate clerk Rongrong effectively set my path for the approval towards success. The process was seamless, thoughtful and meticulous, but most importantly highly professional. It’s through their much-needed assistance that I was able to submit an effective portfolio and other substantial documents within that short period of time until my application was due.

The visa approval was only two and a half weeks without using premium processing and that is all in part due to the professional help of Jane and Rongrong. I would like to thank the team for always being so accommodating and quick to respond all my numerous questions. Through their immaculate professionalism, I can only but give them my most confident and highest recommendation.”

  • In September 2020, we had an O-1 Approval for a Chinese PR Specialist in Asian Arts & Culture who holds a master’s degree in Performing Arts Administration from New York University. She writes:

“I was referred to Jane through a friend who obtained an O-1 through her office. I was lucky to find and work closely with them via phone, text, emails and they were very responsive throughout the whole process. I entered the US on a B1 visa. Jane and her associate, Rongrong successfully responded to a RFE which was submitted by another lawyer, then assisted me in filing a new I-539 Application extension to maintain my status. 

Meanwhile, Jane and Rongrong provided me two consultation sessions for my application as an O-1 petition for Public Relations (PR) Consultant/Specialist in Asian Arts & Culture. The employment offers and all other supporting documents were carefully reviewed and edited by their team. The O–1 petition was filed as a “bridging” case contingent upon the approval of two pending I-539 applications to extend. Thankfully, I got approved two B1 extension cases and O-1 approval notice valid for 3 years and I have already started working now!”

  • In August 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Pej Gombert, an architectural designer from France who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology. He writes:

“Two weeks, without premium processing! That’s how long it took for the Immigration to approve my O1 visa, and I thank Jane and Rongrong a thousand times for how successfully this whole journey ended up.

Yes, this was a lot of work, but the precision of Jane’s interventions and Rongrong promptitude to answer all my questions made this process much less stressful than it would have been with other lawyers I originally solicited. In other words, I felt I was in good hands from the very first meeting until the end. This is priceless.

Thanks to their professionalism, solid experience, and some elbow grease, I managed to ace this visa. An incredible moment that I doubted would happen months ago before I met Jane. Now, without a doubt, I recommend Jane if you want to take the O1 path.”

  • In August 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Beatriz de uno Boveda, an architectural designer from Spain who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Technology, the Royal Institute of Technology, and the Blekinge Institute of Technology. She writes:

“It was extremely surprising how fast my O1 visa petition was approved, in less than a month! This is all thanks to Jane and Rongrong and their outstanding work.

The O1 visa application is extremely demanding and at the beginning I felt so unsure about having any chance of success. Jane believed in my case from the start and turned it into a successful one.

The process was not a breeze but it went smoothly. I asked a lot of questions and every single one of them was promptly, carefully and tailored answered every time.

I can’t recommend enough working with Jane and her team. They are incredibly professional and competent, responsive and attentive to the smallest detail. You can trust them all the way, they are here to help you go through this (and make you work, nothing comes easy!)They were literally a lifesaver in my case. Jane and her team will always be my immigration lawyers from now on, and I hope yours too!”

  • In July 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Shuxuan Li, a Fashion Designer from China who recently received her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design & Society from Parsons School of Design in New York. She writes:

“I am very grateful to Jane Orgel P.C. I contacted the law firm at the end of May this year. The preparation time was very limited and I had to submit the application by the end of July. I was very worried at the beginning, but after working together, I found that the whole process was very smooth. Jane and Rongrong are always able to answer my questions patiently and promptly, check the materials, and put forward suggestions for amendments. The whole process was very efficient and clear. They gave corresponding solutions and suggestions for my personal situation. I am very grateful for their hard work. This process also saved me a lot of time. I finally got O1 smoothly at the end of July.

I am happy to write to express my gratitude to Jane and Rongrong! I am very relieved to work with such an excellent team, and I highly recommend it!!!”

  • In August 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Masahiko Fukuda, a Hair Stylist from Japan who received a Certificate from Tochigi Beauty Professional School in Japan and was sponsored by a world-famous stylist. He writes:

“I came to know about Jane Orgel Immigration Law Firm through an acquaintance.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic caused by the coronavirus, I started with no idea what to do to apply for a visa, but from the initial consultation to the end of the process and the follow-up, Jane Orgel Immigration Law Firm handled everything with care, clarity, and kindness.

They always told me to contact them anytime if I had any questions, which made me feel at ease about the process.

Thanks to Jane and her assistant Naoko, I was able to obtain my O1 visa.

Thank you very much.”

  • In February 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Zhuangzhuang (Marshall) Chang, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Consultant from China who received Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Finance from Brandeis University. He writes:

“I’m Marshall Chang from China. After completing my BA and MA in Finance at Brandeis University, I started a Fintech company in the quantitative trading field. When my F-1 Visa OPT was about to expire in 2020, a fellow entrepreneur friend recommended me to consult with Jane regarding the O-1A VISA. After a Skype session, I went to New York to meet with Jane and her team. She planned my application in detail and gave me a list of things to prepare. In the following months, we were in close communication as we prepared and progressed with the case. Specifically, her Chinese associate attorney, Rongrong Jing, was a huge asset during these stressful times as she was able to understand the evidence from China, provide translations and background as needed, and place it in context. It was also helpful to be in touch via WeChat.

We submitted the application for a change of status before my OPT expired using regular processing. I waited patiently, as per Jane’s advice. I was thrilled to get the good news of the approval with no RFE. This was a complex case as I am relatively young to apply for an O-1A visa. Besides, as a non-art applicant applying for an O-1A in business/science, my case required sophisticated terminology and description of technologies as well as business structures. My friend who recommended Jane to me also got her O-1A Visa through Jane’s office. I remember her assuring me that as long as Jane accepts my case after the initial consultation, I’ll have a good chance of getting the approval, because Jane’s approval rate is very high. Now I can confirm this as I become another successful number on her approval chart. I can attest to Jane’s team’s sufficiency in delivering a pertinent application that resulted in my approval without RFE.”

  • In July 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Cherrie Hu, an Architectural Designer from China who received a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from The Pratt Institute and her Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. She writes:

“I found Jane through a friend’s introduction. Jane answered my question patiently and suggested what type of O1 I should do. After that, Rongrong told me the materials I needed to prepare. In the process of preparing the materials, Jane and Rongrong answered my questions in time and checked the contents of the materials in time. When I prepared my portfolio, Rongrong patiently reviewed it. She told me what I should edit and how to edit it. In 2020, when the pandemic hits, I have to suspend my O1 preparations. Jane understood this and had no complaints. In April 2021, I found Jane again and wanted to restart my O1 application. She agreed and prioritized my case. She also reminded me that because I don’t have much personal news, this application might be risky. But I choose to believe in Jane’s professionalism. I am very grateful to Jane for showing her expertise in material selection and copywriting. Finally, my case was approved without an RFE.”

  • In June 2021, we had an O-1 Approval for Lynn Hwirin Park, a Graphic Designer from Korea who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Art in New York She writes:

“My friend recommended Jane, so I contacted her, and it was a great decision.
Jane and Rongrong helped me to get an O-1 Visa. They provided helpful advice and always answered my questions quickly. They are very professional, and I’m so thankful for their support and hard work. I highly recommend Jane and her team and would love to work with them again in the future!”

  • In August 2021, we obtained a fourth three-year O-1 Approval for A Ram Kim, a Korean Set Designer and Scenic Artist with the Metropolitan Opera who received her MFA in Set Design from Rutgers University. She writes:

“When I applied for my 1st O-1 I met 3 lawyers before Jane and they all refused to take my case. Jane was the only one who was willing to help me and I got my first O-1 successfully. I renewed my O-1 this year and it was my 4th time 3 year O-1 as a set designer. My case was approved in 2 weeks without premium processing. Jane is truly professional and always responds quickly. Jane and her team (especially Michelle) are very reliable and responsible throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her. “

  • In November 2021, we obtained a second three-year O-1 Approval for Darren and Sarah Hendry, a photographer and studio manager respectively, from the United Kingdom. Mr. Arnaout received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Their website is: https://thehendrys.co. They write:

“Jane and her amazing team just got us our second round of O-visas and we couldn’t be happier! Anyone who has a applied for a visa will understand the amount of work and stress that goes into these applications, so having the support and advice from Jane, Jen, and Michelle was extremely comforting and made the process all that easier. We are eternally grateful to them for helping us to continue on our work in the US, and we will be using them for many years to come, whether it be for additional O-visas, or to start a green card process eventually. So it goes without saying: we highly recommend Jane for all your visa needs!”

  • In September 2021, we obtained a three-year O-1 Approval for Jung A Bang, a pianist and instructor from Korea. Ms. Bang received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the New England Conservatory, her Master of Music in Collaborative Piano from The Juilliard School, and her Doctor of Musical Arts. in Collaborative Piano Performance from New England Conservatory. She writes:

“Jane and her team were exceptionally professional throughout the process. Jane had always honest, direct, and clear answers to all my questions, and her responses were always immediate. She always knew what needed to be done and how to make your case strong. My case was difficult as I had the previous denial history and the tight deadline to the start date of work. I was especially impressed with her response to RFE – she submitted the response in 5 days and got my case approved in 10 days. I would recommend her for any artist visa seekers. She knows how it works!”

We continue to successfully process National Interest Waiver cases. Several were approved in 2021 and only one of them received a Request for Evidence (RFE). Immigrant Visa (Green Card) approvals in the National Interest Waiver (NIW) classification include several self-petitions (no employer needed), such as an Architect from Korea, a Composer/Music Producer from Japan, and a Chief Technology Officer from Lebanon, an Art Director, a Street Artist, a Japanese Designer/Entrepreneur, an Art Curator, a Landscape Gardener, and an Interior Designer; all of whom had their cases approved without an RFE.

  • Dani Arnaout, the Chief Technology Officer and Entrepreneur from Lebanon, received his approval in less than 3 months. Dani and his colleague are co-founders of the app, Flyp. Mr Arnaout holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Beirut Arab University. We had previously obtained an O-1 Visa for Dani and this NIW was a self-petition with no employer sponsorship. Mr. Arnaout writes:

“Jane is hands-down the go-to person for O-1 visas. In the span of 3 years, she successfully got me not 1 or 2 but 3 O-1A visas. Moving all the way from Lebanon to San Francisco in 2017 on a special work visa was not easy, but Jane decided to take on my case after reviewing all the materials I provided her with. She was very realistic about the expectations and how hard this could be, but at the same time, she knew what she was doing. Jane collected every single piece of accomplishment, from media mentions, to hackathon awards and presented a strong case that was approved without an RFE. The second and third time were way easier, as the process was very clear, and even though they were self-sponsored by my own startup this time, Jane again managed to present a strong case and get an approval in no time. Jane is my go-to immigration lawyer not only for work visas, but also for NIW and Green Card too for both me & my co-founder.”

In addition to National Interest Waiver cases, we have also been successful in our processing of H-1B and I-751 cases. We have obtained several H-1B’s for law office staff, including associates and paralegals.

In October 2021, we had an H-1B Approval for Yuanjun Liu, an Architectural Designer from China who received her master’s in architecture from the University of California – Los Angeles. Ms. Liu was sponsored by the distinguished architectural studio SO-IL. www.so-il.com. The case was approved without an RFE. An H-1B for a paralegal from Brazil sponsored by a small law office was similarly approved without an RFE.

We successfully obtained a Green Card for a client who filed for Removal of Conditional Residence on a pro se basis. Unfortunately, they sent in the wrong form, and the application was denied. This was a bona fide marriage but due to economic difficulties, the couple was now living with the U.S. citizen’s mother, and they had very few joint assets and very little hard evidence of their marriage. When we initially submitted joint tax returns and some affidavits from friends and relatives, the Immigration Service was not satisfied and issued a harsh Request for Evidence. We prepared a response that included numerous lengthy affidavits from friends and family on both sides, some based in the US and some overseas, replete with details of how the writer had spent time with the couple. These affidavits were all notarized and submitted in the original. In October 2021, the case was approved, and our client received her Permanent Green Card.