Approvals in Record Time Without Premium Processing

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Since January 2020, our office has had 86 O-1 cases approved with almost no Requests for Evidence. We continue to receive approvals in very quick timeframes. In fact, just these past few months, we had several O-1 approvals for years, including one for a Mexican Knitwear Fashion Designer, a South African Music Composer for Film, and Japanese video editor, approved in less than 10 days, even without using premium processing. 

These all were agent cases, which are frequently subject to much higher level of scrutiny than cases with a full-time employer as a sponsor. All three of them used an agent provided by our office.  The agent clause in the O-1 regulations allows artists and others who are traditionally self-employed to work under the auspices of a US agent. This allows highly accomplished designers and artists to utilize their skills and talents to the full.  The recent agent cases which were approved in record time are: 

  • Carolina Ocejo: Carolina is a Knitwear fashion designer working for the famed Phillip Lim. As noted above, Carolina had an agent case and fewer contracts than usually advisable for her type of case. Still, we worked alongside her in every step of her application to build a strong case for her O-1 3-year visa renewal; we received her approval in 07 days on 09/17/2020. 
  • Markus Wormstorm: Markus Wormstorm is an accomplished music composer from South Africa with 20 years of experience in the music industry, creating songs and jingles for some of the world’s largest companies, including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ford, Lexus, and Amazon. We were able to organize Markus’ extensive list of projects and accomplishments in a well-structured case that earned him his first O-1 in 10 days.  Markus’ projects can be seen at
  • Japanese Videographer/Video Editor whose clients include Clarins, Vogue, Jeep, and Audemars Piguet, had his O-1 approved in 6 days.

Additionally, two O-1 cases for change of status for Master’s degree students were approved in record time also without using Premium Processing:

Na Ren’s design

  • Na Ren:Chinese fashion designer, Na Ren, had her case approved in 9 days. Na Ren holds a Master’s degree in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Technology (“FIT”), and has worked with brands such as Victoria’s Secret, DVF, and Tommy.
  • Kai Ming Yang: Taiwanese furniture and industrial designer, Kai Ming Yang, recently graduated with a master’s degree in Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He successfully obtained his O-1 visa using one of our agents. (Please see our agent website, for more information).

    Kai Ming Yang

For one year extensions, our track record is similarly outstanding. For instance, Moroccan architect, Meriem Sakrouhi had her extension approved in 22 days. 

Despite the effects of Covid-19 and current changes recently underway at the USCIS, our approval rate continues to be stellar, the fruit of our dedication, attention to detail, and expertise we put toward all our cases. We work together with our clients to build complete and strong cases that not only help enhance their chances of getting approved but can also speed up the receipt of a response.  Our multi-lingual staff can competently assist clients in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese 

See our approvals chart for 2020 below:


Country Profession Date Filed Date Case Approved RFE? * PP? **
Germany Graphic Designer 12/30/19 1/8/20 No Yes
Japan Interior Designer 4/15/19 1/10/20 Yes No
Norway Graphic Designer 11/26/19 1/14/20 No No
Japan Hair Stylist 12/16/19 1/16/20 No No
Korea Landscape Architectural Designer 12/20/19 1/27/20 No Yes
Italy Fashion PR Specialist 1/17/20 1/27/20 no yes
Japan Graphic Designer/Illustrator 1/11/19 1/30/20 Yes yes
India Poet/Writer 11/14/19 1/31/20 no no
Canada Brow/Lash Artist 7/22/19 2/6/20 yes yes
New Zealand Fashion Stylist/ Consultant 8/27/19 2/7/20 no no
Japan Video Media Server Manager / Specialist 10/18/19 2/11/20 no yes
Japan Photographer 2/10/20 2/24/20 no yes
Lebanon Entrepreneur 2/18/20 2/28/20 no yes
China Art Critic/ Gallerist 3/3/20 3/6/20 no yes
Japan PR Specialist 11/29/19 3/17/20 no yes
Japan DJ 2/24/20 3/16/20 no No
Japan DJ 11/25/19 3/20/20 no no
France Pastry chef and manager 3/16/20 3/24/20 no yes
Japan Hair Stylist 1/10/20 3/31/20 no no
Japan Hair Stylist 1/8/20 3/31/20 no no
Taiwan Visual Designer 9/25/19 3/26/20 no no
China Architectural Designer 10/3/19 4/13/20 no no
Lebanon Engineering Manager 3/23/20 4/23/20 no no
Italy Dancer 2/20/20 5/4/20 no no
Taiwan Photographer 1/17/20 4/30/20 no no
Japan creative director 4/6/20 4/28/20 no no
Korea Architect 4/16/20 5/5/20 no no
Thailand Set Designer 3/5/20 5/6/20 no no
Spain Photo Director/Videographer 4/22/20 5/6/20 no no
Japan Dancer, choreographer 4/2/20 5/12/20 no no
Costa Rica Wedding photographer and studio manager 4/14/20 5/13/20 no no
China Chinese Arts Researcher/Translator 3/23/20 5/7/20 no no
China Illustrator 8/26/19 5/12/20 no no
Japan Music Manager 5/7/20 6/3/20 no no
Japan Ballet Dancer 2/13/20 5/18/20 Yes Yes
Armenia Professor 4/30/20 5/12/20 no no
Japan DJ 9/25/19 6/1/20 Yes Yes
Taiwan photographer 1/28/20 5/28/20 Yes no
Japan interior designer 4/30/20 6/1/20 no no
Japan Art Director 5/14/20 6/3/20 No No
China Photographer 11/15/19 6/8/20 Yes No
China Painter 10/7/19 6/8/20 No No
Japan Ballet Dancer 5/15/20 6/15/20 No No
Australia Dancer 5/6/20 6/16/20 No No
Japan Fashion Designer 6/12/20 6/24/20 No No
Korea Graphic Designer 6/10/20 6/29/20 Yes No
UK Dancer 6/5/20 7/8/20 No No
Japan Graphic Designer 6/11/20 7/8/20 No No
Japan DJ 6/24/20 7/13/20 No No
Mexico Costume Designer 6/5/20 6/24/20 No No
Italy Writer/Journalist 6/18/20 6/21/20 No No
Canada Lash/Cosmetic Tattoo Artist 7/13/20 24/07/2020 No Yes
Korea Videographer/photographer 6/9/20 6/24/20 No No
Singapore Curator 4/2/20 7/27/20 No No
Belgium Drag Queen 7/22/20 8/5/20 No Yes
Japan Dancer 7/16/20 8/5/20 No No
Japan Hair Stylist 8/3/20 8/6/20 no no
Japan Videographer/ Video Editor 06/18/2020 08/20/2020 No No
Singapore Curator 07/01/2020 08/10/2020 No No
Japan Fashion/Graphic Designer 08/18/2020 08/24/2020 No No
Japan Interior Designer 03/16/2020 08/24/2020 No No
Greece Hip-Hop Dancer 03/24/2020 09/01/2020 Yes No
Japan Creative Director 05/29/2020 09/02/2020 Yes Yes
India Journalist 07/15/2020 08/31/2020 No No
Indonesia Photographer 08/04/2020 08/27/2020 No No
India Dancer 06/18/2020 09/04/2020 No No
Japan Art Director/Graphic Desingner 08/07/2020 09/03/2020 No Yes
Armenia Professor 08/18/2020 09/08/2020 No No
China Landscape Architectural Designer 08/28/2020 08/31/2020 No No
Mexico Knitwear Designer 09/11/2020 09/21/2020 No No
UK Coach 09/16/2020 09/23/2020 No Yes
Cyprus Architecture/Urban Designer 08/25/2020 09/25/2020 No No
Japan Videographer/Video Editor 09/10/2020 09/16/2020 No No
Taiwan Fashion Designer 09/16/2020 09/25/2020 No Yes
Japan Graphic Designer/Illustrator 09/08/2020 09/15/2020 No No
South Africa Music Composer 09/29/2020 10/08/2020 No No
Japan Hair Stylist/Hair & Makeup Artist 09/23/2020 10/20/2020 No No
Japan Photographer 07/23/2020 10/14/2020 No No
China Fashion Designer 10/13/2020 10/21/2020 No No
Taiwan Industrial Product Designer 09/10/2020 10/21/2020 No No
China Industrial Product Designer 10/22/2020 11/02/2020 No No
Morocco Project Designer 10/06/2020 10/28/2020 No No
* Request for Evidence where the Immigration Services requests additional information and there is a 60 day timeline to respond
** Expedited service where the Immigration Service will provide a response within 15 days of issuing the Receipt Notice for the case