Alexandre Durand

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Alexandre Durand is a French Content Creator/Influencer. We submitted his O-1 application on 04/27/2023 and it was approved on 05/25/2023. Mr. Durand writes,

“I am absolutely thrilled to share my incredible experience with Jane Orgel and her associate attorney Rongrong. Their remarkable teamwork and expertise played an instrumental role in helping me secure my O-1 visa within a mere six months.

From the outset, Jane and Rongrong exhibited an unparalleled level of professionalism and commitment. Jane’s extensive knowledge of immigration laws, coupled with Rongrong’s meticulous attention to detail, created a dynamic duo that navigated the complexities of the O-1 visa process flawlessly.

What truly struck me was their genuine dedication to their clients. Throughout the journey, both Jane and Rongrong demonstrated a profound understanding of my aspirations and goals. They addressed my concerns promptly and went above and beyond to keep me informed at every stage.

Their collaborative approach, consistent communication, and personalized guidance alleviated any worries I had about the visa process. With Jane and Rongrong by my side, I felt supported and confident every step of the way.

If you’re in search of immigration professionals who are not only highly knowledgeable but also deeply compassionate, I wholeheartedly recommend Jane Orgel and Rongrong. Their ability to turn what could have been a daunting experience into a smooth and successful journey speaks volumes about their exceptional skills.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jane and Rongrong for making my O-1 visa a reality. Your dedication has made a significant impact on my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”