O-1 News Update

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Mengnan Cheng is a Chinese architectural designer specializing in commercial and residential architectural interior design. She received a master’s degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2019. We submitted her sponsor-based O-1 on 03/17/2022, and it was approved in less than a month on 04/11/2022 with regular non-expedite processing.

Ms. Cheng writes:

“I am an architectural designer working for an architectural firm in New York. This is my first time applying for O1B visa. In the early days, I didn’t know much about O1B, and I didn’t have a lot of confidence to apply for it successfully. After consulting three firms, Jane Orgel, P.C. was the firm that gave me the most confidence to apply for an O1B visa. Unlike other firms who only gave a general application direction and process during the consultation process, Jane and Rongrong had a very careful and in-depth understanding of my overall situation and background, summed up my advantages, and responded accordingly. The general directions for subsequent applications are given. This made me more sure about the O1B application. During the preparation of materials, Rongrong explained the requirements of all materials professionally, and during the preparation of the entire portfolio and other materials, she often urged me to complete and continuously review my materials so that she could give timely comments and suggestions. Adjustment. Jane and Rongrong will also put forward many new perspectives to help me improve my application advantages.

It was because of the professional attitude and professionalism of Jane and her team that my application was approved in two weeks. I am so grateful to have met Jane and her team. I highly recommend them. I believe they will help more people.”