News for October 2016

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 12, 2015: Interior of the Queen Victoria Building in Sidney, Australia. It is a late 19th century building designed by George McRae in the central business district of Sydney.Current processing time for the O-1 petitions at the Vermont Service Center is three to four months. We have however had a string of approvals over the last couple of months. We believe the Vermont office may be settling down on the O-1 front as we have not received any RFEs since February of this year. The California Service Center is now taking around six weeks to adjudicate the O-1 petitions.

We continue to successfully process O-1 visa applications for architects and architectural designers.  We received approvals in September for two Chinese landscape architects, Yadan Luo and Zheming “Taro” Cai. These were filed using the Premium Processing service and were approved within 15 days. Korean architectural designer, Jaebong Jeon, who was sponsored by noted architecture firm, Populous, also received an approval within 15 days through the Premium Processing service. All three applicants were on F-1 (OPT). Please see their comments below.

Yuya Yoshida photo

Yuya Yoshida, Graphic Designer

We obtained a three year O-1 visa for Japanese photographer, Iori Tajika. Other recent three year  approvals include Canadian “vlogger,” Nadine Sykora (approved in two weeks with premium processing), Japanese graphic designer, Yuya Yoshida, who did a change of status from F-1, a Japanese hairstylist and British hip-hop dancer, Ashleigh Wadforth-Frost. I

Iranian painter, Parviz Moazez, received an 0-2 Approval to assist renowned Iranian street artist, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, who received his 0-1 visa recently through our office. Both artists are signed with our client, Howard Griffin Gallery, and are working on a mural for the Greenway Wall at Dewey Square Park in Boston.


Demonstration by Kihachiro Nishiura

We also recently received National Interest Waiver Green Card approvals for Japanese classical artist, Kihachiro Nishiura, and for a Canadian baritone/voice instructor. We had previously obtained P and O visas for both applicants. Both of these were approved without a Request for Evidence (“RFE.”)

We have been receiving a lot of emails from potential clients who mention they would like an O-1, but they work in different areas. They have spoken to lawyers who have told them they can ONLY apply as a writer or musician when in fact they want to work as a writer/actress/producer or as a musician/composer/songwriter. We have 20 years of experience and great success in doing “crossover” O-1s where we skillfully combine different fields to work in related, interdisciplinary areas. For a consultation, please contact or call (212) 791-3230.

Testimonials from our clients:

Yadan Luo:

“申请o1无疑是我人生中非常重要的一场旅途。这场旅途的过程不甚艰辛,而结果则令人兴奋。然而最让我印象深刻的,是旅途中竭力帮助过我的人们! Jane便是其中非常重要的一位。在申请之前,Jane在浏览过我的简历后,凭专业知识便判断出我有通过申请的可能并且帮助我和我的雇主建立起初步的信心。申请前期,根据我景观设计师的个人专业背景,Jane提供了非常详细的,具有针对性的申请准备材料清单。申请中期,Jane在初审我的材料以后,给出了非常具体的要求,或者说是压力。迫使我去面对,挑战自己最弱的一面。虽然当时艰辛异常,但却收获丰富,甚至也许对我的将来意义深远。在申请后期,Jane和她的团队帮我逐字逐句审核每一页申请材料,并且以此为论据,整理出一份极具说服力的申请文书。非常幸运在人生的重要关头能遇见Jane这样一位经验丰富,能力非凡的律师!”


Yadan Luo, Landscape Architect

“Applying O1 visa is absolutely an unmemorable journey in my life. The process is tough and the result is fabulous! However the most memorable part during the application is all the PEOPLE that help me get through this challenge. Jane is absolutely one of the most important people and her help is irreplaceably significant!

Before the application, Jane was evaluated my resume precisely and give a positive feedback by her professional experience, which helped me and my employer built a basic confident for my case. At the beginning of my application, Jane provided a very precise material list based on my landscape architecture background. At the middle application stages, after I send her my rough material, Jane provide a long list comments, or let’s say pressures, to push me out of my comfortable zone and challenging my weakest part. It is not an easy process but I really gained a lot, not only for the application, but also for my whole careers. At the end of the application, Jane and her team went though all of my materials word by word, and generate a super convincing application package. I feel super lucky to have Jane’s help during the O1 visa application. She is FANTASTIC and I cannot get the visa without her help!!!!”

 Zheming “Taro” Cai:

“I am a Chinese landscape architect who was on F-1 (OPT).  My H-1B application was not chosen in the lottery system so I had to apply for an O-1 very quickly in order to keep my job at a prominent landscape design firm. Jane Orgel came highly recommended and I’m so glad she was my lawyer! Jane and her team worked extremely hard with me to prepare the most detailed application. She was incredibly attentive, taking the time to explain the complexities of the case to me and answering emails in a timely fashion. The case was approved within 14 days. Thank you, Jane!”

DUBAI, UAE - DECEMBER 19: Shoppers at Mall of the Emirates on December 19, 2013 in Dubai. Mall of the Emirates is a shopping mall before christmas in the Al Barsha district of Dubai.Jaebong Jeon:

“I am most grateful to Jane and her team for their swift work on my O-1 visa. I was an architecture student on F-1 (OPT) working as an architectural designer at Populous, an international architectural design and planning firm that has designed more than 2,000 projects worth $40 billion over the past 30 years. I was not selected in the H-1B lottery and had just a few months to gather evidence for an O-1 application and have it approved on time to continue work with Populous. Jane gave me the tools to prepare the evidence and portfolio, and she created a thorough and convincing application for USCIS. My application was approved in less than 15 days thanks to Jane and her excellent team.”

“저는 제인과 그녀의 팀의 신속한 일 처리 능력에 감사드립니다. 저는 건축전공 학생으로 O-1 비자 신청 당시 F-1 (OPT)을 가지고, 30 년간 2,000 개 이상, 40억 달러에 달하는 프로젝트를  진행한 국제 건축 설계 회사인 Populous에서 일하고 있었습니다. 저는 H-1B 추첨에서 탈락되어  O-1 비자를 신청한 경우로,  Populous에서 차질없이 일하기 위해서는 준비할 수 있는 시간이 몇 달 밖에 되지 않았습니다. 제인은 비자신청을 위한 포트폴리오 준비와 철저하고 설득력 있는 비자신청서를 만들 수 있도록 도와주었고, 저의 비자신청서는 접수한 지 15일 안에 승인되었습니다.”

Iori Tajika:


Photo by Iori Tajika

“I successfully obtained my O-1 visa through Jane’s office. I did not know anything about the O-1 visa when I first came to her office but they explained it all to me. I had a lot of material and evident in Japanese and they did an excellent job researching and translating for me. I am so thankful to Jane and her team for their tireless efforts.”

We are proud to have gotten yet another straight three year O-1 approval for Japanese hat designer, Tsuyumi. We got Tsuyumi her first O-1 in 2004 and she has had all her O-1s approved since without receiving a single RFE!

Tsuyumi Kumazaki:


Tsuyumi Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

“I am a Japanese Fashion and Accessories Designer and I have been Jane Orgel’s client for 12 years now, since 2004, when we applied for my very first O-1 visa! I recently got yet another three year approval through Jane’s office. Each case has been an agent case with no full-time employer as I am basically self-employed and create and sell my own designs through different retail outlets. Each O-1 has been approved without a Request for Evidence(“RFE”).It is always a delight to work with Jane who makes a difficult and stressful process very seamless. Her work is always meticulous and she strives to document my career in a detailed, organized, and compelling way. I’m so grateful to Jane for all her hard work.”