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Our stellar record for performing artists continues, including a recent approval for Italian Upright and Electric Bass player, Luca Chiappara. It is often hard to get approvals for bass players, who invariably play as part of a group and are therefore not always considered to be in a “leading role.” Luca was sponsored by one of our agents, Artists & Entrepreneurs Inc., since he is essentially self-employed, as most musicians are. Indeed, Luca received a tough Request for Evidence (RFE) but his case was approved within a few days after we submitted our response. This month, July, Luca received his three-year O-1 visa stamp from the US Consulate in Florence. In fact, the interview was waived and the passport was mailed to him! Luca’s new release is out now. See  https://lucachiappara.com/ 


Another win was an O-1 for Sound Engineer and Drummer, Dmitrii (“Dima”) Skakun, Dima was on an O-2 visa as an essential support for O-1 visa holder and dancer, Maria Skakun. While it is often difficult to transition from an O-2 essential support to an O-1 leading role, Dima’s three-year O-1 was swiftly approved. It was filed on May 16, 2022 and approved on June 10, 2022. An O-2 visa holder can only work together with the O-1 principal. Having his own O-1 allows Dima to work independently. 

Indeed, Jane Orgel PC was recently featured on the industry website, Gemtracks as one of the ten best US immigration law firms dealing with musicians.  Gemtracks states: 

Jane Orgel immigration law firm is a U.S law firm situated on 111 John Street, Suite 1640, New York. The firm specializes in visas and green cards for artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and individuals of extraordinary ability in any field. Their expertise in working with people of extraordinary ability means they always understand the right course of action to take on even the most challenging and unusual visa applications. They have 20 years of experience in acquiring O-1 and H-1 visas and green cards for architects, designers, and artists with a high success rate of almost 100%. 

They have clients from all over the globe with many good reviews and recommendations. With this kind of experience and connections, they are capable of developing a detailed application strategy specifically customized to anyone’s case. Jane Orgel, who is the founder of this law firm, has been practicing immigration law for 20 years now. She brings her wide experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to each application. When presented with a case, Jane Orgel’s law firm reviews and analyses every case rigorously so that when collaborating with a client a comprehensive strategy is reached.”

For the full feature, see https://www.gemtracks.com/guides/view.php?title=top-usa-immigration-law-firms-that-deal-with-musicians&id=2094#jane-orgel-immigration-law-firm