Angelica Frey

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Angelica Frey is a Boston-based Italian Writer & Journalist who has had O1 visas from Jane Orgel PC since 2017. This summer we filed Angelica’s O1 Extension as well as her Marriage Green Card case. Our immigration team thoroughly prepared case materials considering an updated USCIS rule and by good fortune, her green card was issued in less than 3 months. Angelica writes for us:

I cannot recommend this law firm strongly enough. I have been a client of Jane Orgel since 2017, when I had to transition from an OPT work permit to a work visa. Given my industry, the O-1 was my best bet. Despite my then-brief experience in the US workforce, we managed to collect enough evidence to get a swift approval. Three years later, at the height of the pandemic, I needed to renew my O-1 visa for three more years. By then, I had acquired a strong portfolio of past work samples, and, even among the COVID-related delays, Jane’s thorough approach allowed me to obtain my extension six weeks after filing.

Fast forward to early 2023: I had just gotten married and my O-1 visa was up for renewal. Jane and her associate attorney patiently and graciously helped me assemble enough evidence to both renew my O-1 visa for another year and apply for my green card. On the green card front, there was a lot of legwork involved beforehand, because some of the required documents are only available at your local city hall, and I did not have a lot of time to spare. They also strongly advised I book a last-minute medical exam ahead of my filing to minimize the chances to get a Request for Evidence. I had to get seven vaccinations that week, but it was all worth it as my case was approved in less than 90 days—USCIS even waived our interview because the evidence Jane and her associate requested at the beginning was strong enough. I am now holding my green card as I am typing this.

In all, Jane Orgel PC’s thoroughness in the initial stages of each application pays off in swift approval processes.