A Ram Kim

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Set Designer

A Ram Kim is a New York-based Korean set designer who is working for the prestigious Metropolitan Opera. Her National Interest Waiver Green Card was filed in December 2021 and was approved in September 2022. She has received 4 O-1 visas through our office since 2012 and we are proud to share her success story below:

“I just got my I-140 approval! Right after I renewed my 4th O-1, Jane helped me to pursue my NIW green card as set designer. We submitted my I-140 last December and I just got my approval which was a lot faster than I expected. It normally takes 12-15 month but my approval was within 9.5 months. What a nice surprise!!! Jane was always there whenever I feel uncertain about my green card. She and her team helped me throughout the whole process as always and I felt fully supported. I’ve been with Jane more than 10 years ever since I started my OPT and she never disappointed me. I truly highly sincerely recommend her.

When I applied for my 1st O-1 I met 3 lawyers before Jane and they all refused to take my case. Jane was the only one who was willingly help me and I got my 1st O-1 successfully. I renewed my O-1 this year and it was my 4th time 3 year O-1 as a set designer. My case was approved in 2 weeks without premium processing. Jane is truly professional and always responds quickly. Jane and her team(especially Michelle) are very reliable and responsible throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her.”