Alexandra Petina

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Fashion Designer

Ms. Alexandra Petina is a fashion designer from Russia. We filed her first O-1 visa on May 18, 2023, and it was approved on June 23, 2023.

Ms. Petina writes:

I am a fashion designer who graduated from Parsons MFA and after the OPT period I decided to apply for O-1. I had a great experience of working with Jane Orgel and her team. The whole process went very smoothly due to their attentiveness. During document preparation I had a lot of help from Jane and her assistant. Before starting working with them I was scared by the list of documents required for an O-1 visa. They made every step of it easier and clearer for me and responded very quickly when I needed help. I especially liked attentiveness to the details of each document and evidence required for the case, due to this I got my O-1 visa successfully approved within 5 weeks. I would highly recommend Jene Orgel to other fashion designers who want to get a US artist visa.”