Bozhanka Vitanova

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

Bozhanka Vitanova is a social entrepreneur and researcher from Macedonia. We filed her O-1A application in January 2019 and it was approved in 18 days with regular (non-premium) processing. Bozhanka received an MA in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University in 2016. Bozhanka writes:

“Jane offered excellent guidance throughout the whole process of obtaining my first O-1 visa. From the very beginning, Jane was extremely helpful in demystifying the initially confusing application process. She assessed my case and was able to direct me to gaps I needed to work on in order to qualify for an O-1. More than just legal support, Jane’s guidance helped me identify the right professional activities that made my O-1 case much stronger. Jane and her team were always available to answer my questions and point me in the right direction. Overall, Jane is able to make the complex application process relatively simple and straightforward, providing “step-by-step” guidelines around what is needed to put together a strong application. If Jane decides to take on your case and you follow her advice and directions, you can be certain of a positive outcome.”