Ianthe Mellors

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

British hip-hop dancer and teaching artist, Ianthe Mellors, received her second O-1 through our office in March 2019. Ms. Mellors writes:

Jane and her team were incredible. It is no wonder they have such a high success rate. They are really thorough and made sure I knew everything I needed to do in order to prepare my portfolio. They also made the entire process as stress-free as possible by printing it and organising it for me. Once my application had been submitted they were great at communicating the process and advising me on next steps. Jane’s office have handled two successful O1 performance visa applications for me. I really can’t recommend them enough. 

I had a lot of initial consultations with lawyers before deciding to work with Jane and her office. They were so thorough and clear when evaluating my case. It was obvious they cared about my case and would really champion me.