James (Jihad) Kawas

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

Lebanese entrepreneur James (Jihad) Kawas had the O1-A visa for his start-up, approved in February 2020 in a matter of days, using the Premium Processing service.  He writes:

“There are great lawyers, A-class lawyers, and then there’s Jane Orgel. Jane is undoubtedly the best O1 immigration attorney in the US. Before finding Jane, many top lawyers that appear on the first page of Google said they can’t win my case, but Jane knew exactly how to get it and indeed she got me not one but 2 O1-A approvals. She first got me an O1 sponsored by a big firm that had hired me as a Product Manager, and she then secured the second one for me as an entrepreneur sponsored by my own startup (www.joinflyp.com). She also got two O1s for my business partner as well. 4 out of 4, perfect score. Jane is a perfectionist and she knows the nitty gritty of what the officer reviewing your application needs to see, she doesn’t let anything slip through. Jane and her team have always been available and reachable by email and Skype, ready to answer any questions and advise on all related matters even on weekends. If you get the chance to hire Jane for your O1, know that you’re in good hands. Follow her instructions, provide her with the documents she recommends, and you will get your O-1.”