Jieyu Deng

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Chinese illustrator and animator, Jieyu Deng, received her O-1 Approval on May 2020. Jieyu graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a master’s degree in illustration and did a change of status from F to O. She writes:

I was concerned about the difficulties and laboriousness of O-1 application. I have asked many people for advice and nearly everyone recommended Jane to me. Thus, I chose her without a second thought.

During the preparation, compared with other attorneys of my friends who were also preparing for application, I always found that Jane was more professional, and detail focused. Since it was my first time to apply O-1 Visa, I was very confused and encountered a lot of problems, to which Jane and her assistant always answered and explained with great patience. Jane’s professionality made me more confident about my application.

In the whole process of application, many decisions on details will have a long-lasting effect. Jane always provided me with the most helpful advice. I believe that’s why the application could get approved eventually. I submitted my application last year. It took longer time to receive approval due to the Coronavirus crisis and many other reasons. During the pending time, I have thought about giving up many times, but Jane and her paralegal, Rongrong, kept encouraging me and checking the status of my application until the final good result. If anyone would ask me about recommendations for immigration lawyers, I will recommend Jane definitely!