Kai Ming Yang

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Industrial Product Designer

O-1 for extraordinary ability

Kai Ming Yang is a Taiwanese Industrial Product Designer. We submitted his 3-year agent-based O-1 application on September 10, 2020, and its approval on October 22, 2020 using regular (non-expedite) processing. Kai Ming received a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Tatung University in Taiwan in 2013 and a Master’s degree in Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019. Kai Ming writes: 

 It is so right to ask Jane handle your O-1 application! My name is Kai Ming Yang and I’m aIndustrial Product Designer. Before starting my application, I heard that O-1 is not very easy to get approved. I was looking for a best attorney to do my O-1. Fate made me meet Jane and her team. After the first interview, realized that Jane would definitely be the best immigration attorney to help me get a visa. In our first consultation meeting, Jane patiently explained the O-1 application process to me and reminded me of all the things that need to pay attention. During the meeting, what impressed me the most was that Jane was very familiar with the entire application process. This also made me feel that she is the person I can entrust with this important task. 

During the preparation, unlike my panic, Jane was very calm and patient, which invisibly reduced my irritability and made me feel at ease. I very appreciate that Jane and her team patiently responded to my questions and reminded me what to do at every critical time. All in all, if you are still worried about O-1 application, don’t hesitate to talk to Jane! She can definitely provide you with the most honest, professional, and precise help!