Kunhua Liu

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Chinese arts researcher and translator, Kunhua Liu, had her O-1 case approved in May 2020.  Kunhua Lui used one of our agents as petitioner and is now authorized to work for different employers in her field.  Kunhua’s area of expertise, which we focused on in her O-1 application, is classical Chinese paintings and artefacts dating back to the 10th century. Ms. Liu holds a Master of Arts in History of Arts & Archeology from New York University. She filed a change of status from F-2 to O-1.  Ms. Liu writes: 

“The preparation of my O-1 application materials is laborious and time-consuming. I am grateful to Jane and her associate Rongrong for guiding me through this process. They are very responsive and trustworthy. Apart from the job offers and recommendation letters that I had spent several months to collect, Jane suggested me to make a portfolio to elaborate the projects I worked on. The portfolio samples she showed me are magnificent and greatly inspired me in creating and perfecting my own portfolio. Jane paid a lot of attentions to details, even to the quality of printing papers. Thanks to her professionalism and strict checks on my materials, my application was approved, even though during the time of coronavirus, one and a half months after submission.