Manuel Bagorro

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Performing Arts Consultant

O-1 for extraordinary ability

“Jane Orgel has secured multiple O-1 visas for me over the last 9 years and it has been a great pleasure to collaborate with her and her team. She navigated the complexities and idiosyncrasies of my case while always being supportive and motivating. She made me feel like I had a champion and that was enormously reassuring while working through the process. She constantly asked questions and suggested approaches that would never have occurred to me, significantly strengthening my case, which resulted in consistently successful applications. I am so grateful to Jane, not only for her stellar work on my case, but also for her encouragement, advice and friendship. I recommend her services constantly and feel very fortunate to have found such a consummate professional 9 years ago.” 

In January 2018, we filed an I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition for Mr. Bagorro as an individual of Extraordinary Ability and it was approved in a matter of days using the Premium Processing service.

A trained classical musician by profession, Manuel Bagorro has traversed the globe for almost 20 years, forming unique connections through his passion for the performing arts. In the process, he has brought together artists of disparate backgrounds, ethnicity, race and color at the global level. Thousands who have previously had no opportunity to enjoy the performing arts, and thousands of others who may otherwise have had no chance to showcase their talents, have merged to enrich their future and culture through the festivals and performing arts events developed and coordinated by Manuel Bagorro. In the United States, Mr. Bagorro runs the Musical Connections program at New York’s Carnegie Hall. The Lullaby Project, the latest addition to the Musical Connections program, has brought music into the lives of young pregnant women in prisons, homeless shelters and teen clinics.

Our office feels deeply honored to have had the opportunity to secure successive O-1 visas for Manuel Bagorro, starting in 2011 and continuing until now.