Marcio Garcia

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

Musician Marcio Garcia had his O-1 application approved in June 2018. Marcio writes:

Working with Jane and her team was an incredible experience and I look forward to keep working with her moving forward. The level of professionalism, dedication, attentiveness and experience is why she is the best! From the first time we had a consultation, whatever potential questions I had, Jane was always available, prompt and honest with her feedback.
I am a jazz pianist from the Dominican Republic: I have a Bachelor’s in Classical Piano Performance, Masters in Jazz Performance and an Artist Diploma in Jazz Performance. Like a strategist, Jane spotted right away vulnerabilities of my case I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise if I attempted to do the O-1 application by myself and compiled all the necessary paperwork. Without premium processing, my application was approved in a little under a month.

I congratulate you, because if you’re reading this you’ve found the best immigration attorney in NYC! I can’t recommend Jane highly enough. Thank you so much.