Masahiko Fukuda

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Hair Stylist

Mr. Masahiko Fukuda is a Japanese hair stylist. We submitted his 3-year full-time sponsor-based O-1 visa to California Service Center on May 14, 2021, and was approved on August 25, 2021. We used standard processing. Mr. Fukuda will be working with acclaimed stylist Aubrey Loots in the U.S. Mr. Fukuda writes: 

“I came to know about Jane Orgel Immigration Law Firm through an acquaintance. 

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic caused by the coronavirus, I started with no idea what to do to apply for a visa, but from the initial consultation to the end of the process and the follow-up, Jane Orgel Immigration Law Firm handled everything with care, clarity, and kindness. 

They always told me to contact them anytime if I had any questions, which made me feel at ease about the process. 

 Thanks to Jane and her assistant Naoko, I was able to obtain my O1 visa. 

Thank you very much.”