Mei Han (Hazel) Chiu

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

Mei Han (Hazel) Chiu, a photographer from Taiwan, received a 3 year O-1 visa in December 2019. Her case was an agent case as she is self-employed and works for different companies.  Our office provided the agent. Hazel’s case was filed on October 19 2019 and approved on December 12, 2019, with regular (non-expedite) processing.    Mei Han writes: 

“Jane Orgel PC handled my case very efficiently, no detail was left unattended. Her office advised me on all the evidence I needed, including reference letters and employment agreements.  They reviewed everything very carefully. She has staff who speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean and are really experts in these types of cases. Especially June Miyata was very critical to the swift approval of my case. I highly recommend this office.”  

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来自台湾的摄影师 Mei Han(Hazel)Chiu于2019年12月获得了3年的O-1签证。因为她是个体经营者并为不同的公司工作,所以她作为受益人,由我们律所作为代理机构申请者提交了她的案子。Hazel的案子于2019年10月19日提交,于2019年12月12日被批准,进行了常规(非加速)申请程序。Hazel 写道 

“Jane Orgel PC 非常有效率地处理了我的案件,注意到了所有的细节。她的律所告诉了我应该提交哪些证据,包括推荐信和雇佣合同。他们非常仔细地审查了所有内容。她的助理们可以讲中文,日语和韩语,在这类案件中确实是专家。尤其是June Miyata,多亏了她,我的案子才能被迅速通过。我强烈推荐这个律所。”