Miku Sekimoto

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Visual Artist

Ms. Miku Sekimoto is a Japanese painter/visual artist. We submitted her 3-year full-time sponsor-based O-1 visa on June 9, 2021, and was approved on August 4, 2021. We used standard processing. Ms. Sekimoto writes: 


“I had just graduated from college and had little experience as an artist, so I was very anxious when I applied for my first O-1 visa. However, in the first meeting with Jane, she clarified what was missing in the application, and I was able to start preparing with a positive attitude. Also, Ms. Umitani, Jane’s legal assistant, answered even the smallest questions I had by showing detailed examples, so I was able to prepare my documents. Thanks to this excellent team, I could get my visa in two months even though I was inexperienced. I really appreciate it.”