Rafa Reyes

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Performing Artist

National Interest Waiver Green Card

Mexican performing artist Rafa Reyes received an approval for his National Interest Waiver Green Card self-petition in October 2020.  We submitted his application in February 2020. We have obtained O-1 visas for Rafa for the past eight years, usually through an agent, as he is self-employed.  Under the National Interest Waiver Green Card classification, a person can self-petition so they do not need an employer to sponsor them. This is a very attractive option for artists and designers who often work for themselves. The National Interest Waiver is an excellent alternative to the Extraordinary Ability Green Card.  


Rafa writes:  

“I met Jane in 2012 when I was looking to apply for an O1 visa. She reviewed my case and pointed at all the strengths that she immediately identified. Since our first meeting I felt confident that I was with the right attorney. I’ve gotten three O1 visas through her office and I am happy to continue to work with her team. I am excited that my NIW has been approved. Her team is great, very detail oriented and professional. They share Jane’s commitment to the success of her clients. I am very grateful to my friend who referred me to her, and I am happy to share the great experience that has been working with Jane and her team. Thank you!  


See more about Rafa’s work at rafareyes.com