Raman Bhardwaj

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

“I am an award winning artist and was working as a freelancer in India. At a point I felt the need to reach for better work opportunities and push my career further and I realised it could only happen if I work in US. I had a few regular clients in US and I wanted to go over there as an independent artist. A friend suggested me to look into O1. I read about O1 and sitting in India, it seemed unattainable even with my awards and lot of published work and news reviews under my belt. I knew I needed someone professional to represent. googled and found Jane Orgel PC . I found them to be the most convincing law firm to represent my case since their track record of successful petitions was simply great. I was assured I was in good hands. Jane reviewed my profile and she had positive vibes.  Over a couple of months she alongwith her team worked meticulously in guiding me in arranging all the vital documents required. Jane Orgel PC covered everything that was required to build up a solid petition. They asked me to gather particular material. They found me my agent/petitioner too and procured authentic support letters with extensive research on all the facts.  It is a lot of paper work to be done in filing an O1 petition and one can easily get intimidated and confused. Jane and her team helped me whenever I had any confusion. They worked hard and were discerning, so nothing is missed and my petition was approved smoothly without a hitch. I can’t  imagine this happening without Jane’s help and support.”

Indian illustrator, animator and painter, Raman Bhardwaj, received his O-1 visa in January 2018. Mr. Bhardwaj has many years of experience in the field in India. See his work at www.artistraman.com.