Riw Rakkulchon

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Set Designer

O-1 for extraordinary ability

Riw Rakkulchon applied for an O-1 visa while on his OPT. His case was filed in March 2020 and approved in May 2020. Riw received a Master’s degree in Fine Art Design from Yale School of Drama in May 2019. Riw writes: 

Applying for an O-1 visa is daunting. There are several horror stories which one often hear first hand, but working with Jane was very convenient. As someone who is constantly traveling for work Jane makes it easy to submit documents, and staying up to date on any questions you might have. Jane also makes sure there aren’t any miss steps within your process, which happens when one gets overwhelmed by the amount paperwork that has to be collected throughout the process. Jane also answers questions in a timely manner to ease your worries, and will always be in communication even during a pandemic. The provided samples of documents to be filed are also a helpful starting point to the application process.