Sean (Hongxin) Zhang & Rui Li

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Industrial Designer

O-1 for extraordinary ability

“After visiting four excellent attorneys, we decided to choose Jane to handle our case. Jane provided us with very useful guides and advices. We had a lot of questions during the process and Jane always responded quickly and gave us possible solutions. She knows about different professional territories very well. She is very professional especially at making application plans. Jane witnesses our progress and growth.

During the final process of filing, which was the hardest and most stressful period, the cooperation between Jane and Stephanie was critical for our case. They provided us with appropriate, timely and professional advices especially on how to present our materials in an organized manner. Stephanie followed our case closely. She is very responsible, responded to questions quickly, and helped us present the strengths of my O-1 application and Rui’s O-2. One of our biggest challenges for the application is that Rui and I are applying for O-1 and O-2 together. Jane, however, used her extensive experience and decisive judgments to present the case systematically, which guaranteed the success of our application 10 days after submission. Thanks Jane and her Team! As a designer, I promise I will well prepare a present for them.”

Chinese industrial designers Sean (Hongxin) Zhang and Rui Li had their first O-1/O-2 visa applications approved in October 2017. Mr. Zhang and Ms Li obtained their Master’s degrees in Industrial Design in June 2016 from Rhode Island School of Design. Our office helped them change status from F-1 (OPT) to O-1/O-2. This case was approved in eleven (11) days via regular non-expedite processing and without a Request for Evidence (RFE).

很早就和jane开始合作,我在一天之中走访了四位优秀的律师后,当天就决定和jane合作处理我们的case,在整个准备期jane给了我们很有用的建议和指导, 在过程中我们也会有很多疑问和未解决的问题, jane会很快速的给我们建议和解决方式,她在方向上的指导非常专业, 我们也是一点一滴积累起来,jane也见证了我们的进展和成长,她对于不同专业领域的了解非常全面,很早就给了我们一个明确的申请规划。 
在最后的file阶段,压力和工作密度最大的时候,jane和stephanie配合给我们的服务和建议,在最后阶段的准备材料,以及文件梳理上起到了决定性作用,用及时,准确,专业的沟通以及建议,让我们在最后的阶段顺利的把材料准备,梳理,系统的梳理起来, stephanie全程及时的给我回复以及负责任的指导。将我的o1亮点以及优势完美的展现出来,以及rui的o2的特点针对性的展现在纸面。我们的case很大的挑战就是要o1和o2一起申请,而jane用她的经验以及判断将我们的case非常系统化的整理出来,最终全部顺利通过申请,在10个工作日左右。thanks jane!and her team!As a deisgner, i promise i will well prepare a present for them.