Siqi Yang

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

“As a young architect who just graduated from school and was on opt status, I knew that my case was very challenging from the first beginning, since I didn’t have a large amount of valuable materials as foundation for the case. However, I am glad that I found Jane after talking to my friends. The high success rate of this law firm gave me a lot of confidence.

Unlike the lawyers I consulted with before, Jane didn’t lose confidence on my case during the consultation session. Instead, she assessed my materials thoroughly and advised possible ways to improve my background, including a detailed portfolio that presents my professional image. Jane is very professional and helpful. She helped me fasten the preparation process efficiently.

The whole application process for O-1 visa was not easy. But it was also a review process for my previous work and career. I was surprised and grateful that my application was approved extremely fast. Thanks for the help Jane and her team provided during my application!”

Chinese architect Siqi Yang had her first O-1 visa application approved in September 2017. Ms. Yang obtained her Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design in May 2016 from Columbia University. Our office helped her change status from F-1 (OPT) to O-1. This case was approved in six (6) days via regular non-expedite processing and without a Request for Evidence (RFE). Ms. Yang writes:

“中国建筑师Siqi Yang 于2017年9月获得了她的首次O-1签证。杨女士于2016年5月毕业于哥伦比亚大学建筑设计专业并获得硕士学位。我们律所成功地帮助了她完成了由 F-1 (OPT)签证转换为O-1签证。该案子在没有使用加快程序的情况下六天内获得了批准,且没有收到补充证据要求(RFE)。 杨女士写道: