Ssam Kim

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O-1 for extraordinary ability

Photographer Ssam Kim got a three-year O-1 approval. The case was submitted in July 2020 and approved in September 2020. Ms. Kim has been a long-time client of our office and this is her 4th O-1 visa.  Here we show Ms. Kim photographing famous Korean American actor, John Cho. Ms. Kim also writes:

“Jane has been my immigration lawyer for almost over 10 years, and she and her team helped me to get 4 O-1 Visas. I have built my career as a fashion photographer working for top clients in the fashion industry such as Vogue, Billboard, Glass Magazine to name a few. This success would not have been possible without Jane. Jane always provided me with the most helpful advice. If anyone would ask me about recommendations for immigration lawyers, I will recommend Jane definitely.”