Sunminyi He

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Global Investment Strategist

Sunminyi He is a Global Investment Strategist and serves as the CEO of her own financial consulting company. We submitted her O1A application on 2/13/2024, and it was approved on 3/28/2024. It was not expedited, and there were no Requests for Evidence (RFEs). After the case was approved, she mentioned in her Google review:

“I recently had my O-1A visa application successfully approved with the help of Jane and Rongrong. I initially thought the process would be tricky, given the innovative nature of my field in Financial Technology, but Jane and Rongrong handled everything with exceptional professionalism and expertise. My main POC was Rongrong and she is extremely professional, responsive, and reliable. Throughout the process, she was always available to answer my numerous questions and I was quite surprised by her efficiency. I highly recommend Jane and Rongrong to anyone seeking legal assistance in immigration matters.”