Tatsuya Otake

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Creative Director

Tatsuya Otake is a jewelry and accessories designer and creative director of 8.6.4. Design (www.864design.com) based in New York.  His National Interest Waiver Green Card application was also approved in November 2020, and finally his adjustment of status was approved in April 2022 after the green card interview.   Mr. Otake states:

“I had great experiences with Jane and her associate Michelle for changing my status from E-2 to O-1 in 2020 and applying for the green card this time.

In my first consultation with Jane, I was advised that the National Interest Waiver (NIW) green card application would be best for my career, so I decided to ask for her help without hesitation.  When I had any questions, they had clear answers to all my questions immediately and I was relieved from the beginning to the end.

I think that I received approval smoothly without getting any request for evidence because I received accurate advice for preparing the documents and they checked all the documents in detail before applying. Thank you very much.”