Toshika Kosako

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Visual Artist

Ms. Toshika Kosako is a young Japanese Visual Producer/UX Designer. Her O-1 was approved in four weeks. This case was somewhat challenging as the employer, Monopo New York ( ), was a start-up company in the US, a subsidiary of a small but established Japanese studio, Monopo. Although Ms. Kosako was young and had little press, she had worked on the Japanese studio’s corporate accounts in Japan for a year or so. Ms. Kosako wrote: 

“My case application was for the title of Producer/UX Designer, a title that is not well recognized in the arts field, and with a limited working background, but thanks to Jane and her associate Rongrong, it was approved in 4 weeks without premium processing. I received a lot of advice on the application and was able go into details, which is why I was able to obtain the visa. 

I think there is always anxiety about applying for a visa, but Jane’s team always responded quickly, no matter what time of the day or night or weekend.”