Xueyi Yao

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H-1B visa

Xueyi YAO, a Chinese choreographer who was already granted an H-1B as Choreographer and Educator at a dance school, received an RFE for her H-1B extension questioning whether the position was a specialty occupation. Our office successfully responded to the RFE, and the case was approved on August 8, 2020. The case was filed in May 2020.  Xueyi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ballet from Beijing Dance Academy. This is what Xueyi writes:  

My name is Xueyi Yao, and I am a dance teacher from China. I have been granted an H1b visa twice.  Especially the news that my H1b renewal application for 3 years has been approved makes me extremely happy. Looking back on the two application experiences in 2017 and 2020, I am deeply moved. I sincerely thank Jane and her assistant June for their thoughtful service and enthusiastic help.

This year, I also received the request for evidence without exception. Concerning this issue, Jane and June helped me very well with their rich experience, which allows me to pass the immigration review successfully. As we all know, preparing supplementary materials is a cumbersome process. Without the patience and help of Jane and June, I may not be able to finish it eventually. Their considerate and comprehensive services have saved me a lot of time and energy. I am especially grateful to Jane and June for their help. I was not able to successfully obtain the visa without the professionalism, patience, and carefulness of Jane and June.

The success of the H1B visa application and its renewal brought me a new opportunity of work. Let me express my gratitude to Jane’s company again!