Yoshiki Shinohara

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Lighting designer

Our loyal and longtime client, theatrical lighting designer, Yoshiki Shinohara, for whom we have handled several O-1 visas, has just had his self-petition National Interest Waiver (“NIW:) case approved. We filed his case in October 2019 and it was approved in March 2020.  The National Interest Waiver is a good alternative to the Extraordinary Ability Green Card and is available to a wide range of designers, artisMr.  Shinohara writes:

I just received an approval notice of National Interest Waiver, a green card, which I had asked Jane to file. I received quick and accurate advice from Jane and her team, so the preparation of the documents was very smooth. I am very pleased to be able to get an approval within six months of the filing. I am also glad to hear this news especially in this very difficult time in the entertainment industry. 

Jane has been taking care of my O-1 visa for more than 6 years; from the first time I obtained O-1 visa in 2015 to the extension in 2018. It was Jane who pushed my career as a lighting designer into a new world in terms of getting a visa, which is essential for working in the U.S.”