Yoske Mitsui

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Graphic Designer

Yoske Mitsui is a Japanese Graphic Designer. We submitted his 3-year O-1 application in June 2020 and his O-1 was approved four weeks later in July 2020. We used standard processing.

This is the second three-year O-1 visa we have obtained for Yoske and despite complicated fact patterns, both were approved without an RFE.

Mr. Mitsui writes:

“During the epidemic last year, USCIS was much slower in processing cases. But thanks to Jane and Rongrong’s professionalism, my case was approved in less than a month without expediting. They prepared the materials for me in very detail, from my employment agreement, to the list of projects I will be working on in the future, to advisory opinion, to the letter of support, and to exhibits. I trust them unconditionally. Not only my O-1, my spouse’s O-3 application was approved too. Thank you again!”