Yuting Liu

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Landscape Architectural Designer

O-1 for extraordinary ability

Yuting Liu applied for an O-1 visa while on her OPT. Her case was approved  in April 2020Yuting received a dual Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and  City and Regional Planning from Cornell University in August 2018. Yuting writes: 

“I didn’t expect to get the approval through the time of coronavirus. However, Jane and her team brought me with this exciting news that my O-1 visa has been approved! Jane and her team have been working on my O-1 visa for several months from July to October 2019. Then I applied using regular processing. It has been a long time waiting for the results but Jane kept in touch with me and gave me hope for the application. This month, April 2020, we get the Approval without an RFE.  

I’m grateful for Jane’s effort, knowledge and experience pushing my case. I was not confident with my case at the beginning. However, Jane clearly analyzing my strength and weakness and pointed out the goals I could achieve. She and her team are absolutely reliable and trustworthy. Jane knows exactly how to get the visa! And she is responsive and patient to organize my materials and answer my questions! It’s not easy to get the visa, but with Jane’s instruction, the process of collecting materials and evidence became smooth. I sincerely recommend Jane and her team for your O1. Do what she recommends and ultimately you will get what you want!”