Zarifa Maria Garofalo

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Marketing Specialist

Italian Marketing Specialist Zarifa Maria Garofalo is a long-time client of our office. We first obtained her H-1B visa in 2016 and successfully obtained an extension in 2019.  Her labor certification and I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition have also been approved and her Adjustment Application is pending. Ms. Garofalo writes:

“Jane has obtained successive H-1B visas for me as Marketing Communications Specialist since 2016, even using a combination of diplomas and work experience to get the right match for the position. Despite a complicated situation and fact pattern, I never got an RFE for my case. My PERM and I-140 were also approved in 2020 under a similar classification and without an audit or RFE. Jane has been handling my immigration applications since 2006 and everything has gone smoothly.”